Usagi & Chibiusa

20 Aug


本編作業終了しました。 スタッフの皆さまお疲れ様でした。 配信をお楽しみに


Bonus! First colour illustration

18 Aug


  • Model: Sailor Moon
  • Art by: Naoko Takeuchi
  • Comments from Naoko:

“This is probably the first color illustration of Sailor Moon. It’s a rough painting on trial of the opening page of chapter one.”


10 Jul

Usagi Tsukino meets a talking cat named Luna who tells her that she is really Sailor Moon, a champion of justice.

Old style art of Sailor Moon is some of my favourites (๑→‿←๑) This picture is no exception. If there’s interest, maybe I will look over it in depth at a further date!

Things of note:

  • This image was omitted from the tankoubon print
  • — was edited for the shinsouban release to reflect her “proper” fuku
  • — was restored for the kanzeban “perfect” release
  • 360 X 511 mm
  • Title page of the February 1992 Nakayoshi
  • Media: Color ink, color tone
  • Paper: Fine BB Kent

“This is a color picture from the title page of the first issue with the serial. I was still wavering on Sailor Moon’s costume design, and drew this while worrying about it. I waver a lot. At first I was thinking about giving her a cloak and a boomerang. The picture and design are really completely different from now. But since this is the color picture from the title page of the first issue with the serial, which should be commemorated, it’s a work very, very deep with memories.”

Bonus! Sailor V newspaper clipping

4 Jul

The very first character to appear in Sailor Moon is Sailor V herself!


While I never thought much of it then, it’s kinda cool that V-chan always appears in the beginning too ❤(◕‿◕✿)
I do, however, remember the dumb edit Mixx put in mentioning themselves. And while I have the new English print, er, somewhere, let’s take a look at how this clipping was translated!

99heu5ih First we have Mixxzine Issue 1-1. Titled “Crossroads Times” to correspond with the name change during the anime dubbing process for the North American market. Underneath the photo of V, we can see “The Mixx Revolution begins!”, presumably referring to the release of their first issue. Kind of cute, but I feel this type of editing is frowned upon, especially these days.

Below are the shinsouban and kanzenban translations, done by Miss Dream:

Here is the translation given by Alex Glover:

-Juuban Post
-Sailor V’s fine performance!
-A gang of burglars defeated!
-“The diamond worth two billion yen was returned safely.”
-Today’s Figures

Two billion sounds more impressive than two million, but keep in mind the commonly used conversion of 1 yen = 1 cent. Just don’t use it when real money is involved – you will either find yourself very pleased, or very disappointed!

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3 Jul

The very first page of Sailor Moon!

Despite being one of Takeuchi’s oldest pieces (presumably), this page hasn’t over gone as many changes as one might expect.
The original print and kanzenban appear to be the same, while the tankoubon and shinsouban have smaller pages, and thus the image has been cropped – this is especially noticeable on the bottom panel.

Random things of note:

  • This page was coloured in all Japanese releases except the tankoubon
  • Ikuko wears a ring high on her left pointer finger

Act 51 Stars 9

6 Dec

Sailor Moon confronts Sailor Galaxia at the Galaxy Cauldron, and there finds the ruler of the darkness, Chaos.

Original Picture Collection Vol. V


  • 387x269mm
  • 1997 Nakayosi February front matter
  • Media: Color ink, marker, water based ball pen
  • Paper: Fine BB Kent, Japanese paper

“This picture was originally supposed to be two pages facing each other, but I forced it into a one-sided piece, because I didn’t really have enough time. It was during the middle of ’96 when I felt the most strongly that I didn’t want to work. On the job and in my private life, I was hemmed in and stressed. I wonder why nowadays when I think something is stressful that I can’t remember what it was like back then <G> I really wanted to see Sailor Cosmos in the anime.”